Divide & Conquer: Thermal Zoning in Revit 2016 R2

Last month we mentioned that you could test a hosted preview of Revit Sunrise which included automatic thermal zoning. Well now Sunrise has graduated and you can download Revit 2016 R2 now and try out the new thermal zoning capabilities in your own version of Revit! Get the full scoop on accessing R2 at Inside the Factory.

We continue to improve energy analysis tools in Revit and in some cases this will improve the accuracy of the energy analytical model. Best of all you don’t have to be an energy engineer to use thermal zoning – it’s automatic!

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FormIt Friday Webinar

Tom and Tobias will be hosting the #FormItFriday webinar on Friday the 13th! Spoooooky! Register Here


We’ll cover the in’s and out’s of the latest features we just released last week!

Of course this will be recorded for future viewing reference like our other #FormItFriday

General Outline will be..

  • News and updates from the team
  • Get the NEW FormIt 360 Converters – including the Revit 2016 add-in!
  • How to Import Materials and How to adjust our new Material parameters
  • How to use Layers and our select by layer shortcut
  • How to create and update Scenes properties
  • How to use Layers and Scenes to study design options like the picture above
  • …and if there’s time… How to use Layers and Scenes for Shadow Studies

Thanks and talk to you on Friday. Here’s the registration link one more time for those who read our entire blog posts!

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Visualize your design in FormIt 360

Layers to Control Visibility

Select lines, objects, groups, or images – assign them to a layer… then turn that layer on or off! Simple. Powerful. Necessary. Obviously, this is handy when you want to create a more complicated model, or work with interior spaces. Layers also enable you to create design options in the same file. (TIP: We hooked up an especially handy shortcut to layers as well – select all objects on the layer – selection sets?!)

Save your Scenes

What’s the use of Layers without Scenes? or Scenes without Layers? Luckily, you don’t have to live in a world where that question matters. Scenes in FormIt let you save your viewpoint, layer state, sun, shadows, and visual styles. Set up shadow studies at major solar milestones! Or generate presentation images from a key perspective as the design evolves! (TIP: Turn down the edge and silhouette contrast for a soft, pencil rendering!)

FormIt 360 Pro Feature: Import Materials from the Autodesk Library

FormIt 360 Pro subscribers now have the robust Autodesk Material Library at their fingertips. Filter, search, and preview the materials available, then import to your FormIt sketch. Apply the material as you normally would – even edit the material’s texture, color, transparency… gloss and reflection! Enhance the quality of your design visualizations with an amazing array of options. (TIP: Pro users can import materials on iPad as well!)

FormIt 360 Converter available for Revit 2016

We’ve been improving our FormIt to Revit conversion with each release, making the translation of level and location data, mass geometry, Revit families, and imported components with categorization. Now you can use our powerful swiss army knife of a Revit Add-in from Revit 2016 as well as Revit 2015! This must be the #1 request from our forums… so thank you all for your patience, we are listening, we have delivered!

We’ve also made many small improvements to Energy Analysis, image import, and performance in general… Learn more and see these features in action at our next FormIt Friday… the 13th! Sign up here 

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