FormIt Friday! Episode 6: Bridging the Design Gap

Welcome to the sixth episode of the FormIt Friday webinar series! Come and spend a little of your Friday with the Autodesk FormIt product team. Tired of the “throw away design model” mentally at your firm? Learn how FormIt can bridge this gap. See how to use FormIt to its full potential when it comes to modelling and visualization & learn the process of taking the design model into Revit. Presented by Jarod Schultz, Director of Autodesk Services at initial.aec.

Key Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand how to do model & edit in FormIt, especially certain shapes
2. Take advantage of the visualization & area tools
3. Learn how to take the FormIt model into Revit for further study


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Standing Room Only

Spoke at the Revit Technology Conference last week. Wasn’t sure what my turn out was going to be since my FormIt class was one of the last ones on the last day. Personally I was hoping to have 10 or more and BOOM, class was standing room only!


Showed how to keep updating the Revit model as the FormIt model continues to change. Along with how to get 3D terrain into FormIt with land image applied. And finally showed how the sweep and loft tools can be used to create certain geometry shapes.

Got some really nice feedback with a lot people loving the class and wanting to start using FormIt ASAP ;0)

Just a few of the great responses from the class from Twitter:

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Updated: Solar Analysis for Revit

Last month we updated the Solar Analysis for Revit plugin available as a Technology Preview in Autodesk Labs. Now you can conduct solar radiation analysis for mass models and building element models in Revit 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Get the plugin here.


Updates to the newest release include improved handling of weather data for coordination with weather data used by Lighting Analysis for Revit, Revit Energy Analysis, and FormIt 360 Pro. Additionally, the plugin expiration date has been extended to September 15, 2015.

Have you tried Solar Analysis for Revit? Let us know how it went and if there are any additions you’d like to see for the next build.

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