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City Center in Washington, DC

Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Announces Groundbreaking at Hines|Archstone’s CityCenterDC Development in Washington, DC.  It is a 10-Acre, Mixed-Use Project which includes development of Northwest Park, creation of a Central Plaza, Dramatic Green Roofs and Gardens. Read More

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London Completes World’s First Skyscraper with Design-Inherent Wind Turbines

In Central London, a landmark structure called the Strata Tower (or Strata SE1, aka the Multiplex Living Tower, Castle House, Electric Razor, or “Razor”, as it’s known locally) creates enough weather of its own that architects decided at the inception …

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Revit Server goes Desktop

So you have plenty of vacant workstations lying around in your office (I know of a lot of firms with whole graveyards worth of equipment sitting there collecting dust). And if these machines are already running Windows 7 64 bit, …

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