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Erie Street Plaza in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Erie Street Plaza is a small urban plaza in the Historic Third Ward district of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 13,000-square-foot plaza lies at the point where the Milwaukee River meets the Federal Channel as it empties into Lake Michigan. It is …

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Can You Build A 2560 x 1600 Gaming Rig Without Breaking the Bank? We Find Out!

As Maximum PC senior editor Gordon Mah Ung puts it, building a budget gaming rig for a 30-inch panel is the metaphorical equivalent of slapping a Ferrari engine into a crappy Ford car. If you can afford a display that …

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Performance Testing for the Common Man: Fast, Easy Benchmarks You Can Run Right Now

Benchmarks are for the pros, right? Gordon Mah Ung disappears into the maw of the Maximum PC lab for days, and emerges to tell the world whether the next CPU or chipset matters. I’m often hunkered down in the basement …

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