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Revit Slab Depression Family

In this Click Savers I want to discuss a family that is missing from the Revit platform. I get asked quite a lot about doing depressions in slabs, floors, and walls with Revit. Out of the box there is not …

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Navisworks 2014 Service Pack 1

Important Note After installing Autodesk Navisworks 2014 Service Pack 1, you must ensure that other users who share your Navisworks 2014 NWF files also install the same Service Pack. Failure to do so may mean that your Selection Set data …

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Revit Daylighting Analysis Plug-in

The Revit Daylighting Analysis plug-in (RDA) is specifically designed for architects to be able to use without learning the difference between the Perez or CIE’s sky models, direct normal incident, or direct horizontal radiation. Just specify if you want the …

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