AutoCAD Platform – Taking Advantage of the New Command Line Options

In this click saver I want to talk about the new command line options on the 2013 AutoCAD platform. For you command line lovers will like its new features including the control over color and transparency. You can float the undocked command line which defaults to a single row above the AutoCAD drawing window. Notice the semi-transparent prompt history which can display up to 50 lines and it doesn’t affect the drawing area.

Select the new customize tool on the command line to control the number of lines of prompt history as well as Auto- complete, Transparency and Options.

F2 on the keyboard or the flyout at the right end of the floating command line will display the history window. Click on the “>” at the left to quickly access previously used commands.

By the way you can make the command line nearly transparent so that it just displays when you hover over it by using the “transparency” option.

For those of you who prefer the command line at the bottom or top of the drawing window you can dock it right back into place or if you hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard you can place it anywhere without it wanting to dock.

Notice that the command name is always displayed on the command line and you can even click on the various command options that are displayed in blue from the command line instead of having to type in the shortcut key.

The last thing that is really nice is the “autocomplete” feature when you start typing in a command at the command line. Big time saver to find obscure commands and helps with the spelling frustration that goes with it. If you pause, a list of all possible commands and system variables displays for easy selection.

You can customize “autocomplete” by right-clicking on the command line, you can even control the delay response time.

Hope this helps in getting the most out of the command line on the AutoCAD 2013 platform. See you in class, Jarod



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