AutoCAD WS: Moving Forward

Early in 2012 I was wondering where Autodesk were going with two very similar products: Design Review Mobile and AutoCAD® WS. At the time, their functionality and real-world use cases were extremely similar, so I decided to have a good look at it and write a two-part blog series on the differences between the two. This led to two things:

  1. Sandy Yu (Autodesk 360 Product Manager) contacted me and asked if I would be interested in testing Autodesk 360 mobile prior to its release. That led to the Design & Motion Blog post and an AUGI article reviewing the App.
  2. I got contacted by the @AutoCAD_WS twitter account asking if I would be interested in interviewing an AutoCAD WS product manager about the product.

So here we are. I set up an interview with one of the AutoCAD WS Product Managers, Ilai Rotbaein who works for Autodesk from Israel. Pretty cool! So let’s get cracking. Read More

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