Design Strategies with FormIt 360

My “Design Strategies with FormIt 360” was a big hit at Autodesk University this year. I was honored again from Autodesk University with a multiple Top Speaker awards. Thanks to everyone that comes to my classes! Here are a few pictures and comments on my class. Love the response I got with how not only can you do building design with FormIt but even Hot Rods! Thank You Ryan Cameron!

Top Speaker

Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 6 Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 5 Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 4 Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 3 Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 2 Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 1

A few comments:

  • “The integration of @FormIt360 with #insight360 for building performance analysis is pretty slick”
  • “Using a @FormIt360 and @AutodeskRevit workflow means using naming conventions for your groups.”
  • “(And, when in doubt, right-click.) @FormIt360”
  • “The TAB key is your best friend in @FormIt360”
  • “Even though I’m not the target demographic for this class – I found it inspiring and reassuring that when I need to make custom elements in Revit, I’m not pigeonholed into a small sample size of software. And the potential is mind- boggling. I can’t believe that were only just now getting to this point. Fantastic class and presenter”
  • “Excellent presentation with lots of tips and tricks for improving your workflows”
  • “Great class. Speaker was very well prepared, knew the material and presented it in a clear and fun way. I appreciated the dry sense of humor in the presentation.”
  • “One of the best up till now”
  • “This class made me rethink about FormIt and I will probably start using it.”
  • “This was a great class. The speaker was cheerful and entertaining. He was enthusiastic about the product and knew it well.”
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