Dynamo for Building Performance Analysis

Dynamo for BPA

Have you checked out Dynamo recently? Last year we featured a few posts on the computational design tool, but this year there were a slew of new developments, especially with respect to building performance analysis workflows, we decided to tie off the year with an update.

Who this is for: Architects, Engineers, Programmers, and Designers

Dynamo is a visual programming platform for BIM, specifically it’s an open sourceplatform for Revit and Vasari. There’s really no end to what you can do with Dynamo. Just check out their new gallery.  Applications range from automatic shading design to modeling a woven basket in Revit.

Now, there’s “Energy Analysis for Dynamo.” Leveraging the Autodesk Dynamo, Revit, and Building Performance Analysis teams, Thornton Tomasetti was able to enable parametric energy modeling and whole building energy analysis workflows for Dynamo. Users can simply download the “Energy Analysis for Revit” package via the Dynamo Package Manager and start doing parametric whole building energy analysis, configuring the Revit/Vasari model, and interpreting results from the analysis. More information on Thornton Tomasetti’s blog.

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