Enhance Your Productivity with the Quick Access Toolbar

In this Click Saver I’m going to show you one of my tips and tricks that I will be showing at my Autodesk University class (268 people and growing). The Quick Access Toolbar has been in AutoCAD and many other applications for a while now. One thing that most people have missed is how it can be customized but also how it can be relocated to take advantage of the customization further.

If you have dived head first into the Ribbon interface then the only real toolbar that is left on the screen is the Quick Access toolbar. What I like to do is have it below the Ribbon, the reason I like it this way is because I can add additional tools since I have a lot more room now.

To do this right-click on the Quick Access toolbar and you should see “Show Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon”. The Workspaces drop-down is taking up space that can be used for better tools so don’t forget to right-click on it and remove it since it is down at the bottom right of the screen (the little cog gear icon).

To start adding some of your favorite commands just right-click on them to add them, especially the Layer drop-down tool along with some of your favorite layer tools like “Freeze” and “Isolate”. By the way the order of the icons is the order that you put them on.

As for the order of the icons I have not found a way to drag and drop them around unless you go into the CUI command. If you type in CUI at the command line, at the top right, you can open up the category for “Quick Access Toolbars” and drag and drop around the icons to put them in the order you want.

I hope this helps in being more productive with AutoCAD and eliminates some of the picks and clicks in your workflows and processes during the day. See you in Class, Jarod

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