I have extensive experience in using business for business (B4B) specific outcomes for the architectural-engineering-construction (AEC) industry. I am skilled at delivering creative solutions to address challenging issues, and this experience enables me to provide invaluable insight and direction to clients, technical staff, and sales. I have mentored and implemented building information modeling (BIM) and AutoCAD based solutions for hundreds of clients and have become a trusted and respected advisor in the AEC community.

WHAT I DO: I help AEC firms streamline bottlenecks and pain points in their daily workflows and processes.

WHY IT WORKS: With over 20 years of experience in the AEC industry I have seen good and bad practices first hand. From this experience I integrate what I have learned to enhance your daily outcomes. These final outcomes will be based on hardware, documentation, videos, workshops, mentoring, and software customized to that final solution.

HOW IT WORKS: I start with a business strategy session with key people to assess your current situation. Through my targeted Q/A we can build a goal-oriented plan to start the process of improving your workflows and processes.

• Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Software: Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Revit MEP, Navisworks, FormIt, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD, and more
• Implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) Workflows and Processes 
• Growth, Process and Workflow Management
• Technical Learning and Training Development for Clients, Technical Team, and Sales
• Kaizen Event Processes, Business Development, Planning and Strategies
• Marketing, Presentation, and Public Speaking
• Beta Tester, Software Development, and Documentation


•Revit Architecture 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Certified Associate and Professional

•Revit Technology Conference 2011-2016

•Autodesk University 2003-2016

•Yearly and ongoing technical training and certification from Autodesk

•Classes in “Managing for Success” & “Performance Management”

•Multiple Autodesk Leadership Summits

•Completed a twelve week Dale Carnegie Course for Team Management.

•Denver Institute of Technology: Degree in Architectural/Structural

Blending Learning Solution

Five Phases of Learning that I use with Clients and combining these five phases truly becomes a blended learning solution for a client’s office and leads to much greater knowledge retention. With this blended learning solution, I have found greater productivity gains from a client’s investment in both software technology and talented people. This solution is very scalable and my current company, along with our clients, has found great success with this formula.

Phase One: Assessment Testing

My web-based testing tools help AEC businesses capture and share knowledge. It is important for my clients to know if there are existing gaps in their users’ knowledge base; further, many are looking for where to focus their learning to show significant productivity and efficiency improvements.  My testing tools assess individual or team knowledge and competency across a range of topics. My clients can choose from a library of ‘off-the-shelf’ test material or I can create your own customized content to test in-house standards, processes, project specifics, or technical skills.

Phase Two: Instructor-led Training

The second phase, which is the foundation of my services, is instructor-led training. Statistics have shown that instructor-led training has the most profound initial effect in the process of learning new skills. The interpersonal contact and the explanation of “how” and “why” something is done has always had the most impact on most people’s retention abilities.

Phase Three: Just in Time Training

My third phase is to use e-learning to reinforce the instructor-led training. As a client goes back to the office to use their new-found skills, sometimes other “how” and “why” questions arise. Utilizing this e-learning format, my “Just in Time Training” can get your questions answered quickly and timely.

Phase Four: Mentoring

Mentoring helps with complex problem-solving issues, specifically in terms of how to implement the knowledge base into a firm’s workflow, as well as, solving product support issues. An on-site visit or an over-the-web mentoring session from myself, as a expert implementation consultant, will provide direct, on-the-job support and training.  With my on-site weekly or monthly mentoring programs, I can help solve your larger business issues when it comes to new workflows and processes.

Phase Five: Knowledge Library

Over the years, I have found one common problem among all of my clients is when a “champion(s)” leaves the firm. The firm is immediately hit with lost productivity because certain knowledge has walked out the door. My “Knowledge Library” can help solve this situation since this knowledge has been captured either through online video segments or documentation. One of the added benefits is the “Knowledge Library” is available to everyone either onsite or offsite 24/7.

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Video Content Examples

• Showing how to do Custom Linetypes in AutoCAD: Link

• Showing “Click Savers” on the Revit Platform: Link

• Showing “Click Savers” in the AutoCAD Layer Manager: Link

• Showing on the Revit platform the “No Plot Layer” concept: Link

• CADLearning AutoCAD MEP 2010 Series: Link

• CADLearning Revit MEP 2010 Series: Link

Instruction Content Examples

• Autodesk University: Link

• Revit Technology Conference: Link

• Revit 2013 View Type Creation: Link

• Taking Advantage of Autodesk 360: Link

• Content Explorer and Autodesk 360 Working Together: Link

• Corner Condition for Curtain Wall: Link

• Revit Curtain Wall Door Panel – Need to Know: Link

• Revit Whispering Tool: Link

If would like to see what I do for fun visit Schultz’s Hotrod Shop

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