Free AutoCAD App – Radical Purge

In this click saver I want to talk about a free utility that will do more than just purge. A few months back I talked about an app that looked at cleaning out your registered applications that can cause slowness in your DWG files. This month I stumbled onto an app that does that and a lot more, see below.


From the above list you can see that this one is great at cleaning out your files! This app can be downloaded from the Autodesk Exchange store, something to always remember, all of the apps that are on the Autodesk Exchange store have been tested and are virus free. So don’t hesitate at downloading and installing these apps.

One you have installed it, type in RPURGE to open the dialog box. Check the types of objects to purge and click OK to begin the purge. The number of deleted objects is displayed on the command line.

Here is the link – See you in class or at your office, Jarod

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