Navisworks Service Pack 2 Released

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Core Functionality

■ An issue where saving some 2013 protein materials in the 2012 NWD file format could corrupt the model.

Search and Selection Sets

■ Multiple performance issues when working with a large volume of selection and search sets.

■ An issue where some commands appear disabled after dragging a selection set to a folder.

■ The Show command now works at the folder level for sets hidden in folders.

■ Resolved an intermittent product crash when trying to drag a set into a folder.

■ The Add Comment button is now enabled when you select a set from selection tree or ribbon.

■ Resolved an issue where items remain selected in the Scene view when a set is deleted.


■ Added Cinepak Codec for 64 bit.

■ Fixed the ability to retrieve Area/Volume properties from Revit Drawings.

■ Resolved an issue where Inventor models are rotated at 90-degrees.

Clash Detective

■ An issue where the reset of a Clash Test causes Clash Detective to crash when a group result is selected.

■ We resolved a performance issue where Unhide All takes much longer when Clash Detective is open.

■ An intermittent product crash when deleting clash tests.

■ It is now possible to rename a Clash result via the context menu after performing a drag and drop operation.

■ An intermittent product crash when grouping or exploding a group with Quick Filters enabled.

■ Resetting a clash test with Quick Filter turned on no longer causes a product crash.

■ Clash results that are selected but hidden (e.g. in collapsed groups) affect further selections with SHIFT+click.

■ An issue where Clash groups expand unexpectedly.

■ Selection-related product crash in Clash Detective Results tab when filtering and assigning clashes.

■ Resolved a performance issue where renaming results is extremely slow in the Clash results grid when filtering is enabled.

■ Resolved an issue where the ability to assign a clash result is disabled though an item is selected in the results grid.

■ An intermittent product crash when selected items become hidden in the results grid (by filter, assign when filter is on, or just collapsing a group) and then user tries to perform an action.


■ Resolved a performance issue where loading a model is extremely slow when Timeliner is open.


■ Resolved an issue where 2D measurement start, end and difference values are incorrect.

■ Resolved an issue where cancelling or closing the options editor using keyboard shortcuts saves the data.

■ Added support for export configuration in Selection Inspector, to include several CSV format options.

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