New Insight Plugin Features Daylight Autonomy

In my Autodesk University class “Design Strategies with FormIt 360” I showed how to use FormIt 360, Revit, and Insight 360 to understand how efficient your schematic design model was, including your facade design. LINK

When you upgraded to Revit 2017.1, there was a new Energy Optimization panel added that provides access to energy analysis capabilities of Insight. The new plugin will update the Insight panel with EnergyPlus heating and cooling loads, solar analysis, and new lighting analysis options. In addition to previous LEED and custom style lighting and daylighting analyses, you can now study daylight autonomy (specifically LEED v4 EQc7 opt1) and direct solar access.

You can look at the additional workflows here:
Solar Access Workflow LINK

Da & ASE Workflow LINK

The new plug-in can be found here: LINK

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