New Version of FormIt

Autodesk just released a new version of FormIt. The best new feature is Flatten Face, but better yet use it to Extrude to Face!

Great addition! See all of the great tips and tricks here: LINK

Here is the run down…

As with other recent updates, we have been listening to YOU, our loyal users, and spending time fixing a lot of bugs and improving workflows. Here are some highlights for all platforms:

  • Improved performance all around, but specifically with areas such as model navigation and drag face and move
  • Better support for metric units, including modeling at the millimeter level!
  • Improved Spline tool – which is no longer limited to a single plane
  • Added a Flatten Faces tool – useful especially for imported models with slightly non-planar faces

Windows version only

  • Added support for SketchUp 2018 import
  • Improved the overall SketchUp import process including better support of materials and components with “Cut Hole” enabled

iOS version only

  • Added ability to filter selections when using the Lasso tool
  • Fixed bug which was preventing images from importing

You can install the new Windows update from the Autodesk Desktop App or by manually downloading it from our website. This version number is 16.2. To be double sure, you can check your version in the Info > About menu. As always, the Web version is updated automatically and an update for iOS is already in the App Store. The full release notes can be found here.

Unfortunately, with this release, we have to say goodbye to our Android version. In an effort to streamline the FormIt product offering, we had to make the hard decision to discontinue the Android app. If you have it installed, it will continue to run. However, you will no longer be able to install it from the Play Store as of today. Any files you saved to Autodesk 360 Drive from the Android app are still available. You can access them using any of the current apps, including the free Web version.

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