New Insight Plugin Features Daylight Autonomy

In my Autodesk University class “Design Strategies with FormIt 360” I showed how to use FormIt 360, Revit, and Insight 360 to understand how efficient your schematic design model was, including your facade design. LINK

When you upgraded to Revit 2017.1, there was a new Energy Optimization panel added that provides access to energy analysis capabilities of Insight. The new plugin will update the Insight panel with EnergyPlus heating and cooling loads, solar analysis, and new lighting analysis options. In addition to previous LEED and custom style lighting and daylighting analyses, you can now study daylight autonomy (specifically LEED v4 EQc7 opt1) and direct solar access.

You can look at the additional workflows here:
Solar Access Workflow LINK

Da & ASE Workflow LINK

The new plug-in can be found here: LINK

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Top Speaker at Autodesk University!

To my surprise I was awarded Top Speaker for Autodesk University this year!

We’ve tallied the results of nearly 10,000 surveys and we’re excited to announce this year’s top rated speakers. But first, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to respond—we really appreciate your input. In addition to deciding who takes home top honors, your answers also help us plan for next year and find new ways to make each AU better than the last, because improvement is our middle name. (No really, our full name is “Autodesk Improvement University.” Ask our mom.)

And of course, an even bigger thank you to all our 2016 speakers—you make AU what it is and we couldn’t do what we do without you. You’re all winners in our books.

AU Las Vegas 2016 Speaker Awards:

Best Hands-on Lab (tie)
Michael Massey
Schedules Can’t Do That in Revit 2017

David Butts
Perfecting the System for Revit

Michael Massey and David Butts tied for Best Hands-on Lab, which isn’t anything like giving away honors just for showing up. Right on their heels were KaDe King (2nd) and Rick Ellis (3rd) who continue to showcase some of AU’s best expertise.

Best Lecturer (Industry Talk or Panel)
Shawnee Finlayson
The Undeniable Benefits of Parametrics: A Stadium-Design Case Study

Shawnee Finlayson edged out fan favorites Robert Green (2nd) and Marcello Sgambelluri (3rd) for Best Lecturer. Not to give it away, but she also took home some valuable recognition as a first-time presenter at AU. We couldn’t be more impressed.

Best Instructional Demo
Jarod Schultz
Design Strategies with FormIt 360

Unseating the champ is no small feat, but that’s just what Jarod Schultz did with his terrific AU session. Marcello Sgambelluri (2nd) and Matthew Stachoni (3rd) both demonstrated excellence in AU Instructional Demos.

Best Roundtable
Curt Moreno
The Keys to Building Better Client Relationships Through Communication

Curt Moreno took relationship building to the next level. When he did that, he showcased something special about AU and all involved. Steven Shell (2nd) and Frank Mayfield (3rd) did the same with their efforts to drive collaborative learning.

Rookie of the Year
Shawnee Finlayson
The Undeniable Benefits of Parametrics: A Stadium-Design Case Study

Rumor has it, Shawnee Finlayson put months into her prep work. It showed. We can only imagine the kinds of contributions she’s making in her daily structural practice, or what she has in store. She’s just 1 of the many new members we added to our AU community of experts this year. We hope she inspires others.

Congratulations to all our winners! We’ll be posting more of the top rated speakers and classes on our social media channels in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned and keep your learning hats on.

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Design Strategies with FormIt 360

Learn some FormIt 360 Design Strategies along with Insight 360, my Autodesk University class has went live. Here is the link to my class…


Hitting a brick wall at your firm trying to get people to start using FormIt 360 software instead of the “other” design tool? We will look at strategies to help you win this battle. You will learn how to use Revit software add-ins to establish a library, how to best handle design changes between FormIt 360 software and Revit software, and how to take advantage of Insight 360 software to flush out the best facade design while hitting energy targets. This session features FormIt 360 and Revit. AIA Approved


  • Discover strategies on working between FormIt 360 and Revit models
  • Learn best practices for helping convert SketchUp users to FormIt 360
  • Learn how to take advantage of Insight 360 for facade and energy analysis
  • Learn how to take the FormIt 360 model into Revit for further study
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