Design Strategies with FormIt 360

My “Design Strategies with FormIt 360” was a big hit at Autodesk University this year. I was honored again from Autodesk University with a multiple Top Speaker awards. Thanks to everyone that comes to my classes! Here are a few pictures and comments on my class. Love the response I got with how not only can you do building design with FormIt but even Hot Rods! Thank You Ryan Cameron!

Top Speaker

Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 6 Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 5 Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 4 Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 3 Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 2 Jarod Schultz FormIt 360 Pic 1

A few comments:

  • “The integration of @FormIt360 with #insight360 for building performance analysis is pretty slick”
  • “Using a @FormIt360 and @AutodeskRevit workflow means using naming conventions for your groups.”
  • “(And, when in doubt, right-click.) @FormIt360”
  • “The TAB key is your best friend in @FormIt360”
  • “Even though I’m not the target demographic for this class – I found it inspiring and reassuring that when I need to make custom elements in Revit, I’m not pigeonholed into a small sample size of software. And the potential is mind- boggling. I can’t believe that were only just now getting to this point. Fantastic class and presenter”
  • “Excellent presentation with lots of tips and tricks for improving your workflows”
  • “Great class. Speaker was very well prepared, knew the material and presented it in a clear and fun way. I appreciated the dry sense of humor in the presentation.”
  • “One of the best up till now”
  • “This class made me rethink about FormIt and I will probably start using it.”
  • “This was a great class. The speaker was cheerful and entertaining. He was enthusiastic about the product and knew it well.”
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Digital Software Will Save Sketching

Mental Canvas is not the first software that attempts to save the act of sketching–we have seen 3D “sketching” tools such as SketchUp, as well as applications that simply simulate sketching on paper, such as Morpholio‘s popular range of sketching apps. But what makes Mental Canvas revolutionary is that you have the ability to sketch freely in a three-dimensional space without the constraints of traditional CAD modelling; it’s what Julie Dorsey, founder of Mental Canvas, calls a “graphical media”; not fully flat but not fully 3D. The software will be released later this year on Microsoft Surface devices, including the recently announced Surface Studio, working with the hardware of the Surface computers and the Surface Dial to provide a natural sketching experience on a virtual canvas.

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initial.aec Reaches Gold Partner Status

initial.aec has reached Gold Partner with Autodesk. We could not have done it without our clients support, Thank You!

The Autodesk® Partner Program recognizes Partners based on their level of product and solutions expertise, services capability, and overall customer satisfaction rating.

The Program features Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Tiers. The different Tiers reflect the depth of technical expertise, sales capability, customer satisfaction, and business investment. Silver, Gold, and Platinum Partners qualify for these Tiers by meeting rigorous training and certification requirements for their specific product focus or Specialization.  Autodesk Partners differentiate themselves with Specializations.


The Autodesk Gold Partner designation indicates these Partners have demonstrated the ability to deliver complete Autodesk software solutions. Gold Partners have technical expertise in specific industries, solutions, support, training, implementation, and consulting services.


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