The ever changing technology debate and the cost that is associated with it. I usually try to get someone to look at the bigger picture of technology and how they are surrounded by it every day. Change is always happening and all technology companies have taken us and put us on what I call the technology merry-go-around.

The software industry is usually the first to be thrown under the bus with hardware vendors a close second. But let’s look at technology in general, throwing out some examples that are not related to the software or hardware industry; Cell Phones, Cars, TVs, and Music Formats to name a few. Most of us have all of them, so how many times have you updated them?  How more times in your life are you going to keep updating them? How much have you spent in updating all of them over the years? I’m not saying that one must like it but it is reality and it is not going to stop. Like or dislike, welcome to the technology merry-go-around…

I have worked with a lot of companies and individuals over the years and have seen a lot of different perspectives to this debate. One common trend that I have seen with successful companies is how they will look at the ever changing technology and embrace the benefits, adapt internally to the new processes, and gain knowledge from that experience to move forward. It is a philosophy called “Kaizen” which focuses on continuous improvement of processes. This costs money but in the long run if you sat on the side lines and buried your head as the technology keeps improving, how much does that cost you in the long run?

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