The Forgotten Join Command on the AutoCAD Platform

In this Click Savers I want to talk about a command that seems to have been forgotten by a lot of people. The “join” command came out in the 2006 release and can be a great time saver when remembered. The “join” command combines a series of open linear and curved objects at their common endpoints to create a single 2D or 3D object. The type of object that it creates depends on the type of object first selected and whether the objects are coplanar. By the way “construction lines” and “ray line” cannot be joined but lines, polylines, 3D polylines, arcs, elliptical arcs, helixes, and splines work.

A lot of us will place a block in the middle of some parallel or single lines and then of course erase them later because we don’t need it because the design has changed. So how can one quickly fill in those gaps? In comes the “join” command to save the day!

So in this example I want to get rid of a window and a door and then quickly fill in the gaps that left behind.

Type in “J” for join and select two objects, in this case two lines that leftover from deleting the door or window, once you have selected the objects hit “enter” and you will see that it is now one object.

Simple and easy to use, by the way if you have multiple gaps like below you can make it one object by selecting all of the contiguous lines instead of just two at a time. When doing something like this make sure to use your selection windows instead of just picking each line individually.

One last thing to remember is that this command will also convert an arc into a circle. This can be quite handy when you or someone else has used the break or trim command put a gap into a circle.

Type in “J” to start the “join” command and pick on the arc (broken circle) and hit “enter”, at the command line you now need to choose the “close” option. Type in “L” or right-click or if you are in 2013 pick on the “close” at the command line.

If you need more details on this command start the “join” command at the command line and hit the “F1” key on your keyboard, this will start the help system and jump you directly to the command in help. See you in class, Jarod


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