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Revit Training

“Jarod was by far one of the best Autodesk instructors I’ve ever had. He did a great job with descriptions and pacing.” Andrea Springer, RNL Design

“This was a great course. I feel confident that I can use Revit in class projects and I am excited to apply the knowledge that I learned” Jaelyn Wolf, Architectural Student

“Jarod is an excellent instructor and took the time required for each member of the class to comprehend the information. He is very knowledgeable about Revit and presented it in a way that was easy to understand and replicate. I would definitely recommend him to my peers.” Angelia Cowgill, RNL Design

“Great class and instructor, made it seem not that difficult for a non CAD person” Peter Einsle, the abo group

“Jarod is great. He is capable of explaining complex commands in a simple easy to understand and remember manner. Janet Woodall: Kephart

“Instructor was dynamic and very helpful. Excellent course.” Timothy Politis: Roth Sheppard

“Thoroughly informative and well taught. The instructor knows the software well and explains clearly.” Will Rivera: Ricca Newmark

“Jarod did a great job of customizing the Essentials class to our scope as interior designers. THANK YOU!” Sara Parsons, AAHID ASID: Gallun Snow, Associate

“Thank You! Tons of material covered in an easy to understand class.” Ryan Taylor, Kephart

“Great content and very unique to what we are trying to achieve within our Interior Design studio.” Chelsea Hughes, RNL Design Interior Designer

“Great Class!” Patrick Beaton: Bennett Wagner Grody Architects, Senior Project Designer

“Excellent pace in teaching. The days went very fast and I learned a lot of useful information.” John Tweedy: Intergroup Architects, Architect, LEED AP

“Informative & enjoyable class. Really felt like Jarod covered the most important elements to getting up and running with REVIT. I’m excited to get started.” Patricia Wilder Dallarosa, AIA: Wilder Architecture & Planning, P.C.

“Jarod, It was great class, I completely changed my opinion about Revit. You made it so easy. I am excited to go to work tomorrow and start using it. Thank you so much.” Katia Thomas, AIA, LEED AP: RNL Design, Senior Project Manager

“Jarod did a great job not rushing and when stumped went back to correct. This was a FUN Class!” Doug Ahlstrom, Kephart

“The real world application on how / where to use tools, process, etc. is very helpful.” Eunice Velasco, NCIDQ: Intergroup Architects, Interior Designer

“Jarod really knows his stuff; he makes the class very worthwhile. Very helpful, I don’t know how many times i messed up, but Jarod was very patient in being able to fix things!” William “Bill” Smith: Intergroup Architects, Prinicipal

“Very helpful introduction to Revit. Very impressed by the instructor’s knowledge and thorough teaching of the concepts while keeping to the tight schedule.” Leslie Lavin, RNL Design Interior Designer

“Jarod taught at a good pace and did a good job in not assuming that all users were at a certain level of experience. Made it a good learning experience for new and seasoned users.” Tiffany Cellura, LEED AP: Kephart

“Good understanding of what workflow process I might be using during the class, provided necessary adjustments on the fly.” Stephen Cole: Bureau of Land Management

“Great course – I feel like I can dive right into basic work with a good chance at success.” Patrick Flood, Director of R&D: Job Site Steel

“Training was very helpful. I plan on attending more soon!” Mikhail Bykov: Birch Valley Homes

“Awesome course! I learned a lot.” Cameron Swanson, BIM Manager: W. West Equipment

“Great overall experience. I learned a lot and feel like I am ready to dive into Revit at work now.” Missy Steiner: Kephart

“Jarod, our instructor, took the time to explain any details that were not clear and taught tips and tricks that the book did not further explain. In the 3-day course, I had learned more about Revit than I did in a semester at the local community college. Jarod even answered questions that would be applicable to our office standards.” Cici Luong: Kephart

“The class was great, and Jarod was an awesome instructor. I am taking this course to better learn Revit before I start an internship with an architecture/engineering/contractor firm next month which requires the software. Thanks!” Catherine Anne Crain

“Jarod was well versed in the software and very proactive with issues that can pertain to RNL.” Sarah Barker, RNL Design Associate Interior Designer

“This class was very accurate as far as it was advertised for what it would teach. Jarod’s knowledge on Revit and practical application and of the course material was top notch. He gave great examples and was concise and thorough and professional.” Nora Martin: Chamberlin Architects, LEED AP

“The instructor “Jarod” made the learning of Revit not only exciting but fun. I learned new tips and tricks that will help me in the future. Jarod really knows his stuff!” William “Bill” Smith: Intergroup Architects, Prinicipal

“Well done, thanks for the great info + attitude!” Zev O’Brien-Gould, Kephart


“Class was excellent. Well prepared, well presented. Comfortable environment.” David Boyles: Barker Rinker Seacat

“Great course, very informative, good tips on how Navisworks could be useful for Architects. Informal, small group environment was great!” Cynthia Leibman: Barker Rinker Seacat

AutoCAD Training

“This course was very helpful in my learning the basics of AutoCAD. Thank you to the instructor for a good two days. Very helpful with answering questions and working through scenarios that had me held up. Patience was good along with well-spoken and very knowledgeable.” Derrick Swesey: Winn-Marion

“This class was outstanding.” Chris Zuccolin: Winn-Marion

“Jarod was an amazingly prepared instructor. His passion for AutoCAD clearly comes through in his technique for training. He taught the course showing multiple ways to do commands, preached efficiency and taught users the theory of the program rather than how to click through it. The way he taught will enable me to remember and better utilize AutoCAD at my job. Thanks Jarod!” Jake Glick: GE Healthcare

“This class took me from being a “click slaver-er” to a “click saver”! Love It!” Ashley Ballard: Ballard Design Studio

“Great Class! Thank You for all of the insight + super duper click savers!” Patricia Swenson: EP Design Studio

“I truly appreciate the way Jarod teaches to the basic level without making the student feel like they knew nothing to start with. Thank You Jarod!” Susan Turner: Kratos Training + Technology Solutions

“Great info on the interface and new heretofore unknown features, this class enhanced my productivity.” Dave Olson: Winn-Marion

“The instructor was very efficient and fun to listen to. He made the course very valuable and productive” Virgil Hobbs: Winn-Marion

“I wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for all your help this morning! You have fixed our problem and increased our productivity immensely! I can now work on drawings and not be frustrated with the amount of time wasted waiting during the day. Thank you so much!!” Amanda Heimer: studio4D

“I learned a lot from Jarod and will continue to use the program to gain more experience.” Zachary Zito: Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc, Project Engineer

“Good Stuff!” Benjamin Lane: Wadsworth Control Systems, Engineer

“Jarod’s great. His tips and tricks are wonderful. A thoroughly great class and experience.” Shelley Denison: Jefferson County

“Great class, Great teacher this is my second tech training, very happy with this class.” Dave Chavez: Oliver Manufacturing, Electronics Research & Development

“Very solid, clear explanations. Not too fast, as most courses are, very satisfied with the outcome.” Andrzej Kurek: Toshiba International Corporation, Power Systems Division

“This course will greatly improve my proficiency and productivity using AutoCAD. Jarod did a great job of teaching the course material, including shortcut commands (some not in the manual), as well as step-by-step demonstration of skills. He was patient with repeating info where necessary. I feel I got the benefit of not just the training but of his experience.” Richard Crowell: Solix BioSystems, Manager of Downstream Processing

“Very comprehensive training. I learned much more about the correct methods for using AutoCAD, and will be more productive by using the many new tools.” Richard Hicks: Solix BioSystems, Automation Technician

“Jarod was very knowledgeable and helpful with all questions… Thanks!” Rebecca Bland: Designs By Sundown, Landscape Designer

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